Classroom Organization: Teacher's Desk

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I'm very excited to bring you today a the 2017 Classroom Organization Challenge Series. I've joined the wonderful Tami at Teaching and Learning with Preschoolers and Kate at Fun in ECSE in our first Teacher Desk Organization.

Teachers are notorious knows for being "pack rats" and save every little thing they can put their hands on - always for future use - even though we don't have a plan yet for it.....please note the word "yet". We will have a plan, eventually!

Our teacher's desk is not exempt of our planet-saving mission, right?! Well, my desk is strategically located by the classroom's main door, therefore that's the first thing you see when entering my classroom. I must keep it somewhat organized throughout the day.

I'd like to share some tips to keep your teacher's desk or workspace organized.

I just love baskets and color-coded containers! This is the one that has keep me sane throughout the school year. Every time a parent hands me something and I can't file or put away immediately I put it in a designated basket. Also with mail, notes, and other important things to be sent home with the students. At the end of the day, I sort through it and empty it for the next day.

Like I mentioned before, preferable I like to act immediately, whenever possible! Each piece f paper of other item that comes to you, deal with it as soon as you can. This will minimized clutter on your desk.

This is how my desk looks like on any given day. Tons of paper, kids' work, 
flowers they pick and give me, and some other random things. Not my proudest moment :/

Have systems in place (I just sounded like my boss!), but it truly helps! Everything has a home. Teach your students this concept as well, it will begin to develop a sense of organization and pride in everything they do.

One thing I do to really help me stay organized, is to wipe-clean my desk at the end of each day. It gives me a sense of organization and ready to take the day when I arrive the next morning.

This is at the end of the school day!
Clean desk and empty basket....the perfect way to start my day!

Keep learning!

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