February Readings

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This month we'll be learning about Growing up Healthy. It will be all about exploring our five senses, how to be safe, how to identify when we're not feeling well, and how to eat and have a healthy lifestyle. Please note, we read these books multiple times and each time is focuses on a specific area, with a specific objective. Although these are our main readings, we also supplement our thematic unit with other books as well.

During this month, we will be mostly assessing students on Physical and Developmental Health area. Which is very easy to do when you use Learning Genie to collect your students’ data and grade their developmental level on these specific areas.

Our main activities' objectives will be on sorting everyday and sometimes foods, identifying what to do when having a knee or elbow scrape, making good food choices, learn about where our fruits and vegetables come from, and eat in moderation.

My favorite book this month is How Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? I just love reading this book and look at my students' reactions when the dinosaur throw its dirty tissue on the floor and refuses to take the medicine.

I want to share with you how easy it is to share a video or a book from the internet with the students' parents and save it on their daily report using the Learning Genie parent application.

This is a great way to continue the learning experience at home and increase parent involvement. Sometimes parents are not aware of what their child is reading at school, or maybe the child goes home and talk about dinosaurs, but it would be very difficult for the parents to figure out which book they read that day in school. This feature will close the gap between home and school.

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