Art Show!

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The end of the school year is finally here! This year we've decided to do an Art Gallery Celebration. This celebration highlights how hard the students worked, how they have developed in all area and their overall growth throughout this wonderful year.

At the end of this day, my students will be going home with 10 pieces of unique art they have worked so hard on and loved throughout the year.

I'm not going to lie, an event like this required dedication, organization, and time. I see this like the timeline when planning a wedding. Two months before the bride needed to decide on the flowers for the venue and the menu, a month before the event invitations were sent, etc.

So, let me share with you the timeline I used for this event.

These invitations are the cutest and easiest to make. On cardstock paper, I traced and cut the shape. The splatter paint is a hole punch I have and used on various construction paper. I purchased the thin paintbrushes at the dollar store and came 12 units for a dollar. On the back side I included all the information for the celebration and the details.

Composition A from Piet Mondrian is always a hit. It is very easy to make and each piece can be different and unique. Tracing first with pencil, draw random lines on a piece of white paper. Once the student paints some of the squares and its dried - place black masking tape on the lines.

I just love portraits and their perspective on themselves. These portraits are very easy to make. On a gray or light color paper have students trace themselves with a black permanent marker. Then will paint their pictures using water colors. The portrait will be cut around it and painted a white border. I wrote on bright paper special qualities of each one of my students. I wished them the best in their future and basically I just wrote about how amazing each one is.

Go Away Big Green Monster is one of our all time favorite! Using empty tissue boxes we decorated the boxes based on their interpretation of the green monster and its facial features. 

We learned about 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes this year. My students were really interested on creating insects out of everything they got their hands into. It gave me the idea of creating 3-dimensional insects using leaves, sticks and twigs. For the base, some students chose to place a wooden disk under the cork and some didn't. The cork had a small how power drilled in and with a dot a hot glue gun they stayed secured inside. 

 This is one of my favorites! I just love how creative their imaginations can be. Using only nature elements found in our environments we created these masterpieces. I used wood glue to secure the pieces into place.

 This abstract piece of art was one of the most time consuming pieces we created for the art show. We used different materials and mediums for it. Starting with spring and the top and going all the way to winter. Each student gave us dictation of what they do in each season.

 I LOVED how this one turned out. We always read this book at the beginning and at the end of the school year and compared how much we have grown. Giraffes Can't Dance is one of our favorite books! Once they cut the giraffes body parts, they glued them together, add a bit of hair on neck and tail and traced/wrote how special they are because they have learned it this year.

This piece is hard to believe it was created by 4 and 5 year olds. The vase was a piece of white paper and teared yellow paper glued on top. For the sunflowers, they drew a circle and triangles for petals, painted it and cut it. 

This Claude Monet's Lily Pond is very sweet. The students were given a cut out bridge and the stamped and dabbed using specific colors. Once it was dried, we removed the bridge from the paper.

This art was about individuality and symmetry. Using their favorite paint method: fingerprint, dabbing, paintbrushes, stamping, etc They painted half of a folded white paper. When finished, the paper was folded towards the painted side leaving a symmetric trail of paint. The letters of their names were traces and cut turning into beautiful pieces of art!

Ways for Art Display

This is just one part of my classroom!

I am just exhausted! But I would do it again in a heartbeat! This year has been tough but extremely rewarding. This is a celebration of al of our accomplishments and we're moving on to kindergarten!!!

Keep learning!

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