May Readings

May Readings are here!

May is the longest and busiest month for many teachers....including me! During May, we generally have yearly observations and evaluations, we celebrate Mother's Day with our students' moms, we finish up assessments, we start planning our end-of-year celebrations while thinking about what changes we'll be doing for next year......and these are just some of the happenings of this month.

May is also a month to reflect and celebrate out big milestones achieved and start the transition to the next grade level, in my case, kindergarten.

As we prepare to Move On, we truly enjoy these titles for our future kindergarteners. 

My personal favorite of this month is Leo the Late Bloomer. It begins as Leo not being good at anything, not writing, not reading, not eating properly. As the time progresses, Leo bloomed and was able to draw nicely and neatly, eating properly, and ready for his next life chapter - just like my kiddos.

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Keep learning!

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