PreK Curriculum Map


When you are headed somewhere and you find yourself lost, what do you do? Besides reaching for your GPS, you probably need a map!

In our field we also use a map, a curriculum map or pacing guide to let us know which way should we go.

 A curriculum map is the process of collecting and recording curriculum-related
data that identifies core skills and content to be taught, the teaching strategies, and the assessment to be implemented. It emphasizes the collaboratively planned learning.

Curriculum maps are usually created by school districts and in more detailed by same grade level teachers. After collecting everything that needs to be covered throughout the school year, small groups, core content, and modifications and arrangements will take place.

As teachers we must know where our students are going, why they are going there, and what is required of them to get there.

 A curriculum map should include every core content lessons to be taught during the school year. Language arts, math concepts, social studies and science, social emotional development and everything related to your grade level.

The mapping can be arranged by quarters, by theme, by season, or chronologically.

Also, the order of the content is important. The map should show progression os skills and development. Holidays and fun events can also be incorporated into thump, as well as school-wide celebrations like Reading Across America for example.

Although the curriculum map order is important it can be altered and modified, it includes the WHAT, the WHEN, and the WHY. The WHEN its important, but it can be modified and tailored to your students needs.

Some of the benefits of curriculum map are: it allows teachers to review the curriculum to check for inconsistencies, misalignments, weaknesses, and gaps in the content. It helps documents the relationships between the curriculum content and the intended student learning outcomes, as well provides a way to self assess our teaching strategies, identify what worked, what didn't work and how and where we can improve.

Click on the picture to download your own curriculum map and an editable format to create your own.

This blog post was created in collaboration with Learning Genie.

Keep learning!


  1. I see this is made in collaboration with LEarning Genie. I use learning Genie. So can I assume that this is aligned with Learning Genie?

  2. Hi LaRissa! Yes, it is!
    All the components in this curriculum map are aligned to our state standards in early education which I use Learning Genie to collect, evaluate and score my data.

  3. Thanks Janice for sharing your great tips. Here is an opportunity you or your viewers might like! Preschool teachers, world travelers- You can work from home!

  4. I'm a second year special education preschool teacher going through an alternative program in South Carolina. Feels like my first. I began last year second semester. I played catch up the entire year. So, can anyone share what is learning genie and if anyone uses BigDay at PreK curriculum.

    Thank you!!