QulyBox and GIVEAWAY!

Hello there!

A few weeks ago I came across this wonderful teacher box. QulyBox thinks we deserve a quality subscription box with innovative products at a very affordable cost every month. Teachers will receive 5 specialty items in their QulyBox
These items can be used in the classroom and will help teachers with their daily life. That sounds amazing, isn't it?!

Products like tea and coffee samples, stress relief patches, classroom scents from distinguished brands, pens, and lesson tools are just some of the things you'll see in your QulyBox each month!
QulyBox sent me two boxes for me and a teacher friend to try out and these are our findings!
Once I received the box I immediately opened it. I couldn't believe how many great things were in that cute little box!
The first thing that caught me eye was the wonderful pencil pouch. My teacher friend and I will definitely be using it to carry all of our flair pens! #staffmeeting not so much. But #staffmeeting on a pencil pouch, we love!
Agenda and planner stickers are always great to have. A teacher can never have too many planner stickers. The stylus pen was just amazing! It is a high quality pen, perfect for planning and writing progress reports.
The teas and energy patch were also very convenient. I used the teas right away, the energy patch I'm saving it for assessment period :)
The drawer sticks, I love! I immediately placed one in my desk drawer, another one by my morning meeting area and once by the kids' cubbies.


Getting Ready for School

Hi there,

As a teacher, we know what we need to do to get ready for school. Even new teachers have some idea on how they can prep over the summer and get as ready as they can. But, how parents get ready for school?

On a sumer day, I started talking with some moms and the school topic came about. One of the moms was extremely worried about her child going to kindergarten. That made me think of things we can do to get ready for school, as parents.

I have come up with three easy thing we all can do to get as ready as we can for school, either you've been in the education field for a long time, a new educator, a first time parent, a school director, a day care provider or a nanny.

Being involved in your child's education is truly necessary for their success and for developing a love for learning. Volunteering is a great way to be involved, learn about all of the school happenings, and helps familiarize with school staff and other parents on school campus. Volunteering can happen on school grounds, the classroom, and even from home. I love sending work home for parents to cut, put together, laminate, sort, file, etc.

Find your tribe! That's the best advice I can offer you. Regardless of your role, you need to mingle and find your tribe. Either you would find it online, on your school campus, with neighbors, at a playdate club, or even at your neighborhood park, having a support group is critical. 
I have definitely found my tribe with wonderful moms, teacher friends, and on social media! Just do an effort and connect with people who share the same interests as you.

Back to school can be very exciting but also can bring some nervousness and jitters to the most veteran teacher or parent. There's tools available to have your child up to speed in their development and keep their minds active and engaged.

This app Preto3 will make your life easier! This FREE app has valuable information and its designed for preschools, day cares and also parents.

Join Nitin Kake, Preto3 Business Developer on a Facebook Live on August 14, as he goes over all that it has to offer and answer questions of teachers, caregivers, directors, and parents. Click on the picture for more information!

Keep learning!