My Big World: October


We're so happy because My Big World magazine for October is here!!!

These two magazines we received were perfect for our Big Day PreK theme on Community. 

Included in our monthly subscription, we also received the Big Issue on How Do They Feel? Which is a perfect addition to our social and emotional center and continually reinforcing the classroom expectations throughout the year.

We truly enjoyed learning more about firefighters and their important role in the community. We pretended to be firefighters and helping people and animals in need.

Clifford accompanied us along our rescue missions as firefighters.

Learning about pumpkins was fantastic! 
There was so much we were able to do with this issue. We weighed pumpkins using rocks and different materials. We sorted pumpkins by size and shape as well.

We also estimated and measured the circumference of a large pumpkin. Then we opened it and explore its insides!

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Keep learning!


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