My Big World: January

Happy New Year!!!

After three well-deserved weeks off of winter break, we just got back to school. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this second half of the school year.

Our new year started with lots of rain and very cold weather - not typical for San Diego.

The My Big World magazine is here and we love it! This month is all about winter and penguins.

One of our favorite parts of this issue was the icicles measuring. We used a variety of materials to measure them as well as made some painting of icicles. It was neat to learn more about things that melt as well in our science center.

We tried melting several foods such as: chocolate chips, popsicles, ice, goldfish crackers, cheese, and a banana.

We worked on making predictions about the foods and what would happen to them.

We also enjoyed counting penguins and using penguin figurines to demonstrate amounts and perform simple math problems.


Even our sensory table was transformed into an Emperor Penguin habitat!

Keep learning!


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