My Big World: February


The My Big World magazine is here and we love it, as always! This month is all about Animal Friends and Shadows.


This issue of the My Big World magazine was a great part of our Valentine's Day celebration.

My students truly loved experimenting with shadows and creating shadows of their own.

My students used an iPad and took pictures themselves of different items they use to see their shadows.




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Easy Valentine Card Holder

Hello there!

I want to share with you my Valentine card holder we made this year. This project is very inexpensive and easy to complete.

For this project, you will need paper bags (brown or white), heart shape cookie cutters, pipe cleaners, and any color paint you have on hand.

This can easy turn into a 2-day project with your students. On the first day, they can stamp the hearts cookie cutters with paint and on the second day, they can fill in the inside of the hearts with markers, paint, glitter, stickers, water colors, or even crayons, as shown below.

The handle of the bag is very easy to achieve.

Keep learning!