My Big World: March


The My Big World magazine for March is here and we love it, as always! This month we have Peep Peep and Up, Up, and Away! 

This issue of the My Big World magazine was a great part of our nature unit. We explored wind using pinwheels, explore sunlight using flashlights, and explored animals using magnifying glasses.

One of the big issues was about healthy eating by having a plate party. It tied in perfectly with our unit of Eating Well. My students investigated the big issue and identified which foods are healthy to eat everyday and names other foods that are only for sometimes.

The big issue gave us an incredible idea to set up a mini dramatic play area to explore healthy foods. Each student had a plate to fill with healthy foods.

The big issue also served to check for understanding while our students played teacher and "quiz" one another about healthy food choices.

The magazine activities were also very engaging. 

Keep learning!


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