Back to School 2019 Giveaway!!!

Hello there!

Long time no blog :) I come to you today to invite you to participate in this amazing Back to School Giveaway #sponsored by Lakeshore Learning!

I have been working in partnership for many years and they are great! Always willing to participate and support teachers like us!

For this giveaway, I had the honor to trying them out in the classroom and offer my honest feedback. The results...they were fantastic!

We used these heavy duty magnetic trays to store books, pointers, and remotes. Now I can dedicate more time to teach instead of searching around for my materials. The shelves are sturdy, durable, and hold several books and random items without sliding down the white board.

These caddies were great! We used three in the art and making station with random materials and the others to store what we need for small group instruction. After a few days of use in the classroom they had glue and paint at the bottom - but that was no problem - a damp cloth did the trick and they were back in business.

Lakeshore’s Back to School sale is going on NOW and ends on 
September 1, 2019. Hundreds of items are 20% off 
online and thousands of items are 20% off in stores!

One more prize for the giveaway, a Teacher Starter Pack. This pack is filled with 10 fantastic Back to School products to get you started on a positive note!

Click on the image to learn more about the Teacher Starter Pack!

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