Boom Distance Learning Giveaway

Hello there!

As the beginning of the school year is quickly approaching (if you didn't already started!) you have probably started thinking about this upcoming school year.

I personally, will be starting 100% virtual in San Diego, CA. With that said, I need to find engaging activities to meet my students' needs and be aligned to the curriculum we use.

Today, I am hosting this amazing Boom Distance Learning Giveaway to get you ready for Back to School.  12 other Boom Cards creators have joined me in giving away Boom Cards - perfect for distance learning and face-to-face learning!

We just ask you to follow their IG counts and enjoy the freebies! This is the Boom set I'll be giving away....and the other ones are fantastic, you don't want to miss it!

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Happy Back to School!


Valentine's Day FREEBIE!!!

Hello friends!

My class this year is into mixing colors, creating new colors, and overall into the creative arts. 

I came up with this very simple Valentine's Day card for them. 

This is the beautiful mess of the process. Just like for our students....enjoy the process!

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Preschool Book Club: February

Hello there!

I have been very busy preparing, designing, and fine tuning this awesome Preschool Book series.

PreK Partner is offering teachers, preschool and kindergarten aged students a book club specially designed with young learners in mind. 

The book club components can be easily be incorporated into your current curriculum. Although holidays and special days have specific dates, the books can be used at any time throughout the month. These books are intentionally selected to supplement a curriculum or to teach independently with lesson plans guidelines that are provided for you!

Click HERE for the Amazon book list.

Each Preschool Book Club will have a list of the books you will need for these activities and lesson plan guidelines for each book.

Each book will have vocabulary cards in two different size to better meet your needs.

Each lesson and book will have an anchor chart of poster with clear and simple instructions as how you can print as poster size.

Alphabet letters, shapes, and number games to use weekly, during transitions or even becoming a center where the students can play independently.

There will be a total of 5 math centers to use throughout the month, as well 5 literacy centers based on the books.

Click on the video to see the 10 math and literacy centers included.

Check out the mini SPANISH version