Hello PKP friends!

I am over-the-moon to bring to you the very first product of the PreK Partner Preschool Curriculum. This very first product is all about Dinosaurs!

What is the PreK Partner Preschool Curriculum?

This preschool curriculum is specially designed for preschool and pre-kindergarten-aged students. It offer 15 carefully created themed lessons and activities. These activities are intended to be mixed and matched throughout one week (and even more) to provide students with a comprehensive range of themed based activities. These themed lessons will include math and literacy activities, fine and gross motor skills activities, art activities, a file folder game, and an exclusive BOOM Learning game! 

The components of the PKP Preschool Curriculum can be easily incorporated into your current curriculum. These activities are intentionally created to supplement a curriculum or to teach independently with lesson guidelines that are provided for you!

What's included?

  • Themed lesson guidelines with 15 activities to mix and match for a whole week of instruction.
  • Activity preparation ideas and suggestions
  • A file folder game
  • A Boom Learning game
  • Family engagement ideas
  • Storage label options

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